Description of the innovation

Our patented innovation and future developments include production- and resource-efficient multi-chamber containers, in particular drinking or thermal bottles, storage containers or cans for the consumer sector with several chambers, each of which has its own chamber opening to enable optimal portioning as well as simultaneous transport of hot and cold beverages in the same container.




Range of products and services

The EFFIBOTTLE® container consists of at least two partial containers (chambers), which, depending on the application, can be partially or completely - even thermally separated (insulated) - for the storage of:

- Liquids,

- Food, such as beverages, sauces, powders, etc.

- Cosmetics, such as shampoos, hair strengtheners and creams

- pharmaceuticals

- chemical substances and/or

- other substances can be used.


 Possible application fields would be:

- Bottles for the beverage industry

- Bread cans, bottles and containers for food (industry)

- Chemicals (-industry)

- Bottles and containers in the pharmaceutical industry

- kitchen containers etc.


Unique selling points

In contrast to the state of the art, the individual chambers are already firmly connected to each other in the fuselage during production. This represents . A further unique selling point is the physical and thermal separation of the individual partial containers. Thus different food/liquids e.g. tea, water and coffee can be stored/portioned in one container. There is no possibility of diffusion between the stored products in the individual chambers.


Economic success

Market studies expect sales of reusable water bottles to grow by an average of more than 4% per year until 2024, to $10.2 billion.

EZN has made forecasts in a detailed review sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics. Based on 800 million PET bottles sold per year in Germany (2003) and a market share of 0.001%, sales in Germany in the 6 to 7 digit range per year appear potentially realistic.


Economic effect

The invention or effibottle enables

  • the reduction of consumed container quantity,
  • less residual waste and energy intensive disposal,
  • the avoidance of secondary packaging,
  • efficient production/low CO2 emissions.
  • The innovation will contribute to eliminating ecological, hygienic and economic difficulties. This will be achieved by the jobs that will be created in the new company, projects with the resident companies and tax levies.



As part of the implementation of the ideas, a project is being carried out together with a materials institute to develop a resource- and environmentally efficient plastic compound. In addition, an innovative and new machine process is being developed to produce containers that will drastically reduce the permeability of the container.



Patent' situation:

DE 102017006857

International PCT/EP2018/065119  


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