EFFIBOTTLE® - Innovative multi-chamber container for efficient storage/conditioning and thermal separation of various media (liquids, powders, particles, creams and the like), with ecological, hygienic and economic advantages. 

Our patented innovation and future developments are production- and resource-efficient multi-chamber containers, in particular drinking or thermal bottles, storage containers or cans for the consumer sector with several chambers, each of which has its own chamber opening, in order to optimally enable demand-oriented portioning and simultaneous transport of hot and cold beverages in the same container. The disposable mentality is generally strongly criticized and the demand for intelligent packaging as well as healthy and fresh beverages in smaller units is greater. Our EFFIBOTTLE® will be an interesting and sustainable packaging solution.



Figure1: Fuselage of the three chamber container - Figure2: fuselage'cutting plane A-A -  Figure3: closure's lower view


The EFFIBOTTLE® container consists of at least two partial containers (chambers), which, depending on the application, can be partially or completely - even thermally separated (insulated) - for the storage of..:
- Liquids,
- Food, such as beverages, sauces, powders, etc.
- Cosmetics, such as shampoos, hair strengtheners and creams
- pharmaceuticals
- chemical substances and/or
- other substances can be used.

Possible application fields would be:

  • Bottles for the beverage industry
  • Bread cans, bottles and containers for food (industry)
  • Chemicals (-industry)
  • Bottles and containers in the pharmaceutical industry
  • kitchen containers 

The newly developed multi-chamber container will in future be made of various materials such as ceramics, plastics, stainless steel or aluminium. Furthermore, material combinations (alloys) of different materials are possible. The selection depends on the desired application and in particular on the desired mechanical stress. The advantage of plastic variants is the relative simplicity of the processing methods (injection moulding, extrusion and/or injection blow moulding). The products are also manufactured using various manufacturing processes, including welding, gluing and/or milling.



Patent's situation:

DE 102017006857

International PCT/EP2018/065119  


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In contrast to the state of the art, the individual chambers are already firmly connected to each other in the fuselage during production. This is one of the unique features of the EFFIBOTTLE® multi-chamber container. A further unique selling point is the physical and thermal separation of the individual partial


In Germany, Europe and worldwide, our innovation will support people and companies in achieving their individual goals for reduced resource and food consumption, environmental protection and sustainability.


The innovation can be used in various industries. The containers can, for example, be offered to the consumer as refillable bio-bottles or stainless steel thermo-bottles and can also be used in the chemical, beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries to speed up processes, implement more products or